AG Sprinkler

AG FIRE SPRINKLER is a Spanish company specialized in manufacturing, design and supplying of automatic protection equipment based on water and foam system: sprinklers, wet alarm valves, deluge valves, gate valves, foam tanks, ratio controllers, generators, nozzles and monitors.

We manufacture all our products in our laboratories under the supervision of the most recognized international certification companies. Likewise, we develop new processes and equipment for an optimized and flexible manufacturing that responds to the needs of the market and the specific needs of our customers.

We are at the forefront of product development thanks to this investment in R+D+i. Our criterion: technical excellence, which allows us to balance needs and benefits.

The commercial network of KOMTES group extends to more than 70 countries, with its own branches and distributors that allow us to adapt to each market, as well as provide close contact and direct support.



Ensuring global productivity

We are a system integrator of state-of-the-art automated welding. Even though most of our projects are within the automotive sector, we have a standard solution in the market for welding outlets (from ½” to 4”) into steel tubes (from 1” to 4”). We use two standard robots in our cutting/welding machines with an average output of approximately 1 minute per outlet.

Our creative machine concepts provide important contributions to effectiveness, reliability, ergonomics, machine intelligence and safety. Today we are a privately-owned company, with over 700 employees worldwide. AWL is seen as one of the leading machine builders and system integrators of laser-, arc- and resistant welding. With facilities in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, China, Mexico and the USA, we are able to support our customers anywhere in the world. Together we provide our customers with high-end automated welding equipment and production lines.


Borusan Mannesmann

DAFO Fomtec


Our sprinkler production facility produces Turkey’s first FM Approved, UL Listed sprinkler heads. At this point, we export more than 70 countries and invest in our R&D department to provide better quality and safer products for our customers.

Engineered Firepiping

FIRE PIPING is the EU leader for prefab piping and water storage tanks for:
Cost effective; Quality: FM APPOVED and ISO 9001; Production capacity (Over 2 MILLION/year sockets for sprinklers); Delivery time; Engineering support.

Our manufacturing facilities are: Robotic automatic welding; Powder coating automatic painting line; Labeling identifying every pipe and packaging.

We add value to main EU contractors by: Cost-effective (prefab+Installation+Short delivery) and non competitor activities; Technical support for prefab with friendly own software; Quality assurance: FM APPROVED AND ISO 9001.


FM Approvals

FM Approvals offers worldwide testing and certification for products related to commercial property risk mitigation. Recognized and respected across the globe, FM Approvals certification assures customers that a product has been objectively tested and conforms to rigorous property loss prevention standards. This unique third-party certification and the FM APPROVED mark, backed by scientific research and testing, helps set these products apart from others on the market.

International Fire Suppression Alliance

The IFSA is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2019, two decades of globally promoting the use of effective water-based fire protection systems. Successes over the years include the formation and support of multiple national and regional organizations (including the EFSN) that in turn have produced major increases in the installation of automatic sprinkler and water mist systems. Recent IFSA efforts have promoted product certification essential to effective system performance. The IFSA, based in New York but steered by an internationally diverse Board of Governors, welcomes membership of additional companies and individuals that support their global efforts.


Johnson Controls

Jomos Eurosprinkler


Metraflex has been supplying specialty products since 1958. With the introduction of the UL Listed/FM Approved Fireloop seismic expansion joint, Metraflex has brought its expertise in seismic expansion joints to the fire sprinkler industry. With the introduction and rapid industry acceptance of the Fireloop, Metraflex is the leader in seismic expansion joints for fire sprinkler systems. With thousands of installations worldwide, the Fireloop seismic expansion joint is available in the greatest variety of sizes and movements. Need proper support for the Fireloop? The Seismic BreakAway Hanger ensures full-rated movement. Need a different configuration? Try the FireVoop and FireGator



Established in 1898, Potter Electric Signal Company produces a wide array of products, including fire sprinkler monitoring systems, nitrogen generators, corrosion monitoring/testing, electronic fire systems, vault and safe security systems, and boiler/chiller and industrial control products. At Potter, not only do we supply our customers with products that provide real world solutions for their unique needs, we strive to provide them unequaled service and technical support. Every employee at Potter is committed to provide the very best product and service available for the protection of life and property. Potter is THE Symbol of Protection.


Reliable Sprinkler UK

Société Française de Réservoirs

Design, manufacture and installation of tanks for fire water storage. Bolted steel cylindrical tanks. Internal sealing via reinforced PVC liner 800g / m². Diameter from 2.34m to 17.94m. Height from 1,50m to 19,00m. Galvanized steel tank sheets that can be powder coated or treated according to aggressive environments. Volumes up to more than 5000m3. Considered in the study of tanks of climatic elements such as wind, snow and seismicity. FMGlobal approved company. Applicable Standards: APSAD, NFEN, NFPA, FM Global, VDS. Our tanks are mounted and fixed on a concrete slab (not realized by the SFR).

SPP Pumps



UL International