Getting to the RAI

RAI Amsterdam
P.O. Box 77777
1070 MS Amsterdam

RAI Amsterdam is located at Europaplein in the southern district of the city. It is approximately 4km from the city centre and 10km from Amsterdam Schiphol airport.

Schiphol Airport to RAI Amsterdam

Officially known by the name Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is located twenty minutes from Amsterdam city and approximately nine miles south-west of the centre of Amsterdam.

There are a few options to get from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to the RAI Amsterdam convention centre.

Train: The easiest is to get a NS Dutch Railways sprinter train from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam (direction Hilversum or Almere Oostvaarders). The journey takes about 10 minutes and runs up to 4x hourly. Amsterdam RAI is the second stop on the trip just after Amsterdam Zuid. Check the overhead boards at Schiphol Airport station platform to ensure your train stops at Amsterdam RAI. You should not take a train to Amsterdam Central which goes via another route.

Taxi: A taxi from Schiphol airport to RAI Amsterdam will cost about €30-35. Uber is also present in the city and an UberBlack trip would be around €33-43.

Amsterdam Central to RAI Amsterdam

Metro: Take the new underground metro line 52. The journey from Central Europaplein (direction Zuid) takes just 8 minutes with frequent departures.

Taxi: A taxi will cost about €30-35. An UberBlack trip would be around €33-43.

Tram: GVB tram 4 travels between Amsterdam RAI and Amsterdam Central station

Taxi: A taxi between RAI Amsterdam and the city centre should cost €15-20.

Car: RAI Amsterdam is located just inside the A10 southern ring road of Amsterdam and is easily accessible by car. Extensive parking facilities can cater for over 4,000 cars. This costs €4 per hour or a maximum day rate of €24 (€20 if pre-booked).

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