ANPI is an autonomous organization in Inspection, Testing and Certification. We create trust by contributing to the transparency of the quality, safety and sustainability of your organisation’s products, services, processes, systems and employees, as well as personal and environmental performance. Therefore we have a BELAC accreditation according to ISO/IEC 17020, ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO/IEC 17065.

Our Inspection Division acts on Dutch territory under license of the CCV, in compliance with the inspection schemes for all VBB-systems, including PGS environment and Fire works, as well as BMI-OAI systems.

ANPI can inspect virtually anything for you, whether on-site or remotely.


Aqua+ Sprinklersystemen

Aqua+ is the Dutch market leader with respect to the engineering, installation and maintenance of fire sprinkler and other automatic fire suppressing systems. We are a family-owned business with more than 220 employees, spread-out over four locations throughout the Netherlands. At Aqua+, we will provide you with the knowledge, the right fire suppression systems and service & maintenance in order to achieve a fire-safe environment. Our care continues beyond supplying and installing sprinkler systems. At Aqua+ you are assured of a total solution. We are your partner in the field of fire suppression and help you to ensure the safety of people and the continuity of your organization.

Aqua+ Sprinklersystemen B.V.

Molenstraat 61a

7471CK Goor, The Netherlands
+31 547 28 60 00



Ayvaz is one of the biggest manufacturers of Europe and the global suppliers of high quality products for installation sector since 1948. We are manufacturing metal and rubber bellowed expansion joints to compensate thermal movements at pipelines, firefighting equipment to maintain the security of lines, braided and non-braided metal hoses for all industrial and domestic flu?d applications, various types of valves for all pipeline systems and level control units.

Clarke Fire Protection

Clarke Fire Protection Products sold itsfirst diesel fire pump driver in 1964 asa regional distributor for GM Diesel. We began manufacturing our own UL- FM driver in 1980 and now market thelargest line of diesel fire pump driversin the world. To date more than 85,000 engines, bearing the Clarke name have been sold internationally. Clarke UK engines are produced in the UK for UK, EU, Mid East, Asian and African fire pump OEMs and packagers. Theseengines include LPCB, ApSAD, UL-FM and Non-Listed engines.

W : clarkefire.com


DAFO Fomtec

Dafo Fomtec AB is a privately owned company with head office in Stockholm Sweden and manufacturing in Helsingborg Sweden.

Regardless of your application, Dafo Fomtec AB has the right product. We can provide the right foam for your existing facility or a full-scale solution combining foam and hardware. We supply products for aviation, industry, marine, fire brigades, etc.

We are dedicated to developing products that have minimal environmental impact, without compromising on quality and extinguishing performance.

Visit us at FSI 2020 to get the opportunity to discuss fire safety solution with our competent team.

Dafo Fomtec AB, P.O Box 683 SE-135 26 Tyresö Sweden
Phone: +46 8 506 405 66
Fax: +46 8 506 405 29
E-mail: info@fomtec.com
Web: www.fomtec.com


Dr.STHAMER HAMBURG, founded in 1886 in Hamburg/Germany, is specialized in producing firefighting foam agents since the 1920s.
Intense research and development in order to provide solutions for the general need to improve the performance of fixed foam systems, taking into account environmentally responsible concepts, made Dr.STHAMER to the technology leader in this industry.

One of the latest innovations is the VAPUREX®-PLY – a fluorine free foam as a one-by-one replacement – for plastic fire risks.

Furthermore Dr.STHAMER invented a Sprinkler-Adapter in cooperation with Eurosprinkler from Switzerland that enables facilitates the change to fluorine free foams in sprinkler or deluge systems which protect liquid fuels.


Since 1965, we have been working by targeting design, quality, trust and innovation for the purpose of having experienced the best in our country. Today, we successfully represent our country in the global market with our production facilities which are our main factory based on an area of 15.000 square meters and our casting factory based on an area of 8.000 square meters in Istanbul. Our sprinkler production facility which produces Turkey’s first FM Approved, UL Listed sprinkler heads. At this point, we export more than 70 countries and invest in our R&D department to provide better quality and safer products for our customers. We increase domestic production power with our Sprinkler Heads, Wet Alarm Valves, Dry Alarm Valves, Test and Drain Valves, Indicated Butterfly Valves, OS&Y Gate Valves and NRS Gate Valves which are being made in Turkey and being exported all over the world.

Engineered Fire Piping

FIRE PIPING is the EU leader for prefab piping and water storage tanks for:
-Cost effective & Quality: FM APPOVED and ISO 9001.
-Production capacity (Over 2 MILLION sockets for sprinklers/year)
-Delivery time & Engineering support.

We add value to main EU contractors with main benefits:
-Cost-effective (prefab+Installation+Short delivery) and non-competition activities.
-Technical support for prefab with friendly own software.
-Quality assurance: FM APPROVED AND ISO 9001.


The EuroSprinkler AG from Balsthal in Switzerland is a leading manufacturer of sprinklerheads and accessories. EuroSprinkler can provide the whole range of VdS approved and CE marked sprinklertypes with escutcheons, guards, shields and installation tools. High qualitiy, individual paint schemes, special technical solutions and a fast delivery are our daily business.

Phone: + 41 62 386 18 30
E-Mail: info@eurosprinkler.eu


Our company is one of the most modern and respected suppliers in the field of Firepacks. Firepacks are pump units for fire fighting, driven by diesel engines or electric motors. We design, manufacture and test all Firepacks on our own premises. In addition to reliability and problem-free operation, our Firepacks offer first-class fire protection. More than 10,000 businesses in Europe and elsewhere depend on WB Firepacks, 24 hours a day, all the year round. We will never betray this trust. WB Firepacks concentrates its efforts day and night on the total concept of fire fighting!

T +31 78 6 23 15 00
E firepacks@firepacks.com
W www.firepacks.com


Founded in California in 1985 by Michael Graham after a successful international career in flow control and piping products encompassing the Nuclear, Industrial, Waterworks and Fire Protection markets worldwide. Latterly as International VP for Central Sprinkler Company –renowned for innovation.



FOGTEC Brandschutz GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in Cologne, Germany, is one of the world’s leading suppliers of water mist fire protection systems. The company has worldwide more than 60 licensed partners who service customers. The FOGTEC portfolio includes full service solutions, from consultancy work, the supply of components and complete systems up to installation and maintenance of water mist fire protection systems. FOGTEC systems discharge pure water at approximately 100 bars through stainless steel nozzles to create a fine water mist. FOGTEC systems are protecting thousands of fire risks in buildings and different industries all over the globe.

FOGTEC Headquarter

FOGTEC Brandschutz GmbH
Schanzenstraße 19A
51063 Köln

Tel.: +49 (0)221 9 62 23 0
Fax: +49 (0)221 9 62 23 30
E-Mail: contact@fogtec.com

Website: https://fogtec-international.com/de/home.html

Holzauer Pumpen

Founded in 1969, Holzhauer-Pumpen has developed into a globally recognized supplier of pump installations and has saved many material assets as well as human lives from fire. For more than 50 years we have led the market in some business areas and make a decisive contribution to the user-oriented development of the market through constant innovations – especially in the field of fire water supply for fire protection.


+49 6039 / 9162 – 0

+49 6039 / 9162 – 30




Job Thermo Bulbs is the world leader in research and production of heat sensitive Glass Bulbs and Thermo Bulb Links for the sprinkler industry. Due to their high quality and reliability more than 1000 Mio Job Thermo Bulbs have been installed by all major sprinkler manufactures worldwide. More than 40 years of continuous innovation and the implementation of innovative technologies guarantee the highest possible standard for life safety products. Job uses its own drawn glass tubes and can offer a huge flexibility for differentbulb specifications towards customer’s demand.

T: +49-4102-2114-0
E: Info@Job-Group.com

Johnson Controls

TYCO sprinklers and fire system components form part of Johnson Controls International, a global leader in building products and technology platforms with a deep expertise across multiple industries. The various end-markets served, includes large institutions, commercial buildings, retail, industrial, small business and residential. Whatever the water-based fire suppression system required, TYCO has an extensive product portfolio which includes standard spray, extended coverage, storage, residential, dry, and special sprinklers, as well as sprinkler accessories, nozzles and nozzle accessories; wet system valves and water motor alarms, dry system valves, quick opening and air maintenance devices, deluge system valves and accessories, pre-action systems, and general purpose and solenoid valves. It also provides grooved products; CPVC fire sprinkler pipes and fittings; water-mist fire protection systems; foam sprinkler equipment; sprinkler design software products; and performance based design and design services.

W : tfppemea.com

Kloeckner Metals ODS Nederland BV




Metraflex has been supplying specialty products since 1958. With the introduction of the UL Listed/FM Approved Fireloop seismic expansion joint, Metraflex has brought its expertise in seismic expansion joints to the fire sprinkler industry. With the introduction and rapid industry acceptance of the Fireloop, Metraflex is the leader in seismic expansion joints for fire sprinkler systems. With thousands of installations worldwide, the Fireloop seismic expansion joint is available in the greatest variety of sizes and movements. Need proper support for the Fireloop? The Seismic BreakAway Hanger ensures full-rated movement. Need a different configuration? Try the FireVoop and FireGator. Visit www.metrafire.com

Contact Details:

Phone: (312) 738-3800 ext. 1319

Email: jeremyw@metraflex.com

Website: www.metrafire.com


Normec Fire Safety & Security (FS&S) is an inspection company which specialises in the inspection of firefighting and extinguishing systems according to various international regulations, such as NFPA, FM, VdS, etc.

As a NEN-EN 17020 accredited company, Normec FS&S has a wide field of activity, which includes a large and comprehensive customer portfolio encompassing various sectors such as hospitals, storage areas, industry, offices, data centers, oil refineries and so on.

The combination of not only qualified but also highly trained inspectors together with our back office employees, corporate culture, IT system and the way in which our organisation is structured, enables us to provide our clients with an excellent service, nationwide, every day.

For contact:

Normec Fire Safety & Security BV
Balkweg 3
5232 BT ‘s-Hertogenbosch
+31 765780949


Potter Electric Signal

Established in 1898, Potter Electric Signal Company produces a wide array of products, including fire sprinkler monitoring systems, nitrogen generators, corrosion monitoring/testing, electronic fire systems, vault and safe security systems, and boiler/chiller and industrial control products. At Potter, not only do we supply our customers with products that provide real world solutions for their unique needs, we strive to provide them unequaled service and technical support. Every employee at Potter is committed to provide the very best product and service available for the protection of life and property. Potter is THE Symbol of Protection.

Tel No: +44(0)7803206590
Email: Steveb@pottersignal.com
Website: https://www.pottersignal.com/

Profit Europe

At Profit Europe we supply components for above-ground sprinkler installations. Our business model consists in establishing long-term partnerships in the fire protection industry, keeping one of the largest stocks in Europe and providing excellent aftersales service and favorable sales conditions. With our privileged location in the center of Europe, we strive for just-in-time deliveries from our 3000 sqm warehouse in Belgium.

Contact details :

+32 470 922 317


Rapidrop supply a comprehensive range of products consisting of sprinkler heads, flexible sprinkler hoses and fire protection valves, providing a solution for any project or application. The Rapidrop range includes products which have internationally recognised approvals and listings from FM/UL/VDS and LPCB.

Rapidrop provide tailored solutions across the globe, including Europe, the Middle East and Africa. With full support from a worldwide sales and distribution network, Rapidrop are able to meet project requirements within time and budget constraints.

Rapidrop continually invests in research and development, conducted at its own state of the art test facilities, one of its kind in the UK. Dedicated to innovation and reinforcing its position in the market place, Rapidrop is focused on bringing new products to the market that makes our customers lives easier, safer and better.

Telephone: +44 (0)1733 847 510
Email: rapidrop@rapidrop.com
Web: www.rapidrop.com


Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co., Inc. is a family run, international company that is one of the world’s largest producers of automatic fire sprinklers and sprinkler system control equipment. The company was founded in 1920 and is continuing to expand and grow. Reliable now have a 300,000 square foot facility in South Carolina and sales offices located around the world. Reliable’s aims are to be the leading worldwide manufacturer of innovative, quality-oriented fire sprinklers and systems devices, secondly, to be a leading supplier of fire sprinkler system components; and to be the leader in providing the highest level of operational excellence in customer service. Reliable produces a vast range of sprinklers featuring solder types and frangible bulbs.

W : reliablesprinkler.com

Salzgitter Mannesmann

System VIROTEC® is a well arranged product array of pipe joint elements for use in pipeline construction, particularly suitable for the manufacture of sprinklersystems (automatic, stationary fireextinguishing equipment). Theseproducts are efficient and innovativeand feature:
– easy and quick assembly
– high degree of functional safety – comprehensive range
– attractive design and high-quality workmanship

W : https://shop.virotec.de


Société Française de Réservoirs

Design, manufacture and installation of tanks for fire water storage. Bolted steel cylindrical tanks. Internal sealing via reinforced PVC liner 800g / m². Diameter from 2.34m to 17.94m. Height from 1,50m to 19,00m. Galvanized steel tank sheets that can be powder coated or treated according to aggressive environments. Volumes up to more than 5000m3. Considered in the study of tanks of climatic elements such as wind, snow and seismicity. FMGlobal approved company. Applicable Standards: APSAD, NFEN, NFPA, FM Global, VDS. Our tanks are mounted and fixed on a concrete slab (not realized by the SFR).

Web : www.france-reservoirs.com


The Business Unit Fire Protection & Security is part of SPIE Nederland B.V. Fire Protection & Security offers expertise and distinctive innovative solutions to support professionals from various market areas who are confronted with sprinkler installations. We take the current regulations (NEN-EN12845, NFPA and FM) into account and the following matters always come first:

• Safety of visitors and staff;

• Preventing or limiting damage to buildings and production installations;

• Limiting consequential damage and guaranteeing continuity;

• Minimizing the impact on the environment or, better yet: preventing.

Fire Protection & Security has extensive experience in market segments such as logistics, industry and retail.


Customized design, innovative engineering, own production, located in Normandy, France.
We produce corrugated galvanized steel water reservoirs for underground installation. Our cilindrical tanks are produced in diameter up to 3,00m, length up to 21,00m in one piece and they can be assembled into infinite volumes. In the underground they are protected from aggressive climatic elements. The resistance of the Tubao tubes is calculated to ensure they withstand roadway loads without concrete distribution slab. They withstand perfectly soil and water forces.
Our reservoirs are light, flexible, easy to handle and very simple and fast to install.
Certified for extinguishing water supply.

Company contact details:
TUBAO s.a.s – ZA Du Pucheuil – 76680 Saint Saëns – France
France tel +33 2 35 33 42 42
Benelux tel +32 486 143 550



Our fire safety division’s suppression team supports manufacturers, regulatory authorities, building owners and insurance companies with certification and customized testing services for a variety of suppression equipment, including products for residential and commercial sprinkler systems.

We can help you reduce time to market by offering efficient and flexible services from an industry leader in fire safety certification. We offer comprehensive, state-of-the-art testing facilities and a highly experienced technical staff with extensive code knowledge. This is why the UL Mark is immediately recognized and respected by professionals in fire safety around the world.




Unica Fire Safety is a top-3 player in the fire safety industry in the Netherlands. Unica provides a wide range of products and services regarding fire safety systems for residential, commercial and public buildings. Our services include the installation and maintenance of fire detection, sprinkler and water mist systems. It is our goal to provide our clients with tailor-made fire safety solutions that help to minimize fire damage and prevent fire victims.



VdS is Europe’s No 1 inspectionand certification institute for fire protection and security, profiting from far more than 100 years of experience. Furthermore, VdS also sets international standards with the publication of a comprehensive set of guidelines for safety equipment. TheVdS Quality Seal certifies that productsand services on the civil safety market are of optimum quality, giving commercial and private consumers all over the world an important orientation aid. The most extensive sector survey in Europe (WIK Enquete) has shown for many years in a row: top buying criteria for professionals is the VdS Quality Mark.

W : vds.de


Victaulic® innovation began in 1919with the first grooved-end mechanicalpipe joining technology. In 1952,Victaulic released the first approved coupling for fire protection services. Today, Victaulic technology includes a complete offering of sprinklers, couplings, fittings, valves, accessoriesand tools to meet the needs of anyfire protection application. One of Victaulic’s revolutionising innovationsare the FireLockTM Installation-ReadyTM fittings. These fittings reducethe number of parts on a jobsite, minimizing the jobsite inventory and material handling by reducing the number of times the sprinklerfitter needs to go up and down the lift or ladder.

W : victaulic.com

Vid Fire-Kill APS

World Leading Manufacturer of Low Pressure Watermist Solutions
VID Fire-Kill is an innovative developer and manufacturer of water based firefighting products, specializing in fixed water-based systems utilizing environment friendly firefighting methods. We offer a wide range of tested and approved low pressure watermist solutions for protection of various land, maritime and offshore applications.

Contact details:

VID Fire-Kill ApS
Svalbardvej 13
5700 Svendborg, Denmark
Website: www.vid.eu
Contact: sales@vidaps.dk
Phone: +45 62621024


Viking is renowned for the development, manufacturing, sales and distribution of excellent fire protection technologies and has been a dependable partner in fire protection for many decades.

The broad product portfolio encompasses innovative and proven system components for water, foam and gas extinguishing systems as well as fire detection systems and is a reflection of Viking’s unwavering focus on providing customers with the finest products and highest level of support.

Through Viking’s dedicated and knowledgeable customer service, installers of fixed fire protection systems have access to those quality products and can place their trust in the professional and dedicated support services provided by Viking employees.

Viking is passionate about fire protection and committed to the growth of the fixed fire protection industry. www.viking-emea.com


Warmtebouw, based on its knowledge, skills, experience and resources, is a reliable partner in the realisation of high-quality and sustainable building-related technical installations and will enable you to achieve your desired objectives.

How can we be so sure?… We have years of proven and relevant experience in utility projects and short construction times or logistic challenges are no longer unknown to us. With a trusted, permanent team of 250 specialists we can promise optimal (cost) efficiency and knowledge in the entire process, from engineering, regulation and advice, to realisation and management.

Finally, as an installer i.e. manager, we ensure that the current installations continue to function as well as possible and are eligible for re-use.

+31 30 248 30 30