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Viking is renowned for the development, manufacturing, sales and distribution of excellent fire protection technologies and has been a dependable partner in fire protection for many decades.The broad product portfolio encompasses innovative and proven system components for water, foam and gas extinguishing systems as well as fire detection systems and is a reflection of Viking’s unwavering focus on providing customers with the finest products and highest level of support.


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Sebino (2 Stands)

For more than 40 years Sebino has been active in the design, development, installation and maintenance of fire protection and security systems: BIM and CAD in-house design of fire protection and safety systems; Installation and commissioning of advanced fire control and extinguishing systems, custom-designed in accordance with national, European and international standards, such as FM Global, NFPA, VdS, EN, for the protection of industrial, commercial and institutional complexes; Installation and commissioning of security systems, such as: smoke detection, EVAC systems, CCTV, anti-intrusion and access control; Maintenance of: Gas, SPK, Water Mist, foam, smoke detection, fire doors and EVAC systems; SebinoConnect® service for remote control of operating parameters of Fire and Security systems.


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Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co., Inc. is a family run, international company that is one of the world’s largest producers of automatic fire sprinklers and sprinkler system control equipment. The company was founded in 1920 and is continuing to expand and grow. Reliable now have a 467,000 square foot facility in South Carolina and sales offices located around the world.

Reliable’s mission is to serve as a fire protection leader by (i) manufacturing the highest quality sprinklers and valves (ii) producing and distributing a complete line of system components (iii) providing innovative solutions (iv) delivering the highest level of customer service and (v) teaming with customers as valuable strategic partners; while upholding the Fee Family ownership-management commitment of supporting the fire protection industry, associations and Reliable family of employees since 1920.

Reliable produces a vast range of sprinklers featuring solder types and frangible bulbs. They also produce a broad range of valves including alarm, dry, deluge, preaction, and check valve that control water flow to sprinkler systems and actuate alarm signalling. Reliable products are listed and approved by various fire protection product approval laboratories and organizations. Reliable is also pursuing a Green Policy and is committed to protecting our environment by developing products that use recycled materials that reduce the use of natural resources.


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Bocciolone Antincendio S.p.A

Bocciolone Antincendio S.p.A. is the Italian leader manufacturing company for Fire Fighting Equipment and Fire Protection Systems & Solutions, the most historical facility located in Vercelli area as from 1898.

The automatic FIREFLOW® WET-1000 Alarm Valve and FIREFLOW® DRY-1000 Dry Pipe Valve for Sprinkler Systems are the last new products, expression of company’s technical experience and reliability, synonymous of the best quality Made in Italy, approved by EN 12259 European Standard.

The complete product range also include Fire Brigade Connections, Hose Reels & Cabinets, Lay-flat Hoses, Dry & Wet Pillar Hydrants, Digital Flowmeters, Fire Valves, Nozzles & Branchpipes, according to the main International Standards such as EN, DIN, BS, GOST, AFNOR. As Italian leader manufacturing company, Bocciolone Antincendio S.p.A. yearly make investments in R&D of new products & solutions, by internal assembly and test in our prototype facility, with strong support of local Certification Laboratories.

Bocciolone Antincendio S.p.A. is an international supplier for worldwide customers, organized by a dedicated Distribution Network, applied to different markets such as Residential, Commercial, Manufacturing, Logistic & Service Industry.


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Fire Piping

FIRE PIPING is the EU leader for prefab piping for: Quality & Environment: VdS and FM APPOVED and ISO 9001 and 14001; Production capacity: 6 ROBOTS and upgraded POWDER COATING LINE for over 3 MILLION sockets/year; Cost effective, Fast Delivery & Engineering cutsheets and plan piping support.

We add value to top EU contractors with main benefits: Cost-effective (prefab+Installation+Fast delivery) and non-competition activities; Experience with skilled team engineering-manufacturing-logistics for fast deliveries on jobsite; Technical support for prefab with friendly own software.


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FM Approvals

FM Approvals offers international certification services for products related to property risk mitigation. Recognized and respected across the globe, FM Approvals certification assures  that a product or service has been objectively tested and conforms to rigorous property loss prevention standards. The FM APPROVED mark, backed by scientific research and testing helps set these products apart from others on the market.

We test and Approve property loss prevention products with one overarching goal in mind: to verify that they work each and every time they are used.

Products with the FM APPROVED certification mark adhere to the highest standards in quality, technical integrity and performance.


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With over 130 years in the fire sprinkler industry, Johnson Controls is uniquely qualified to deliver cost-effective solutions that can be customised to a building configuration of fire protection applications. Through ongoing, world-class research and development, we’re continually expanding our capabilities. Our commitment to excellence is back by an industry-leading 10-year Limited Warranty and world-class technical support.


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Metraflex Fire Protection Division

Metraflex has been supplying piping specialty products since 1958. With the introduction of the UL listed, FireLoop seismic expansion joint, Metraflex has brought its expertise in seismic expansion joints to the fire sprinkler industry. The introduction and rapid industry acceptance of the FireLoop for fire sprinkler systems, plus its compliance with NFPA 13 guidelines, has made it the seismic expansion joint of choice. Metraflex has a long history of innovative piping products for vibration isolation, noise dampening, thermal expansion and contraction, pipe alignment and seismic movement, pump connections and flow conditioning.


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Potter Electric Signal

At Potter Electric Signal Company, making sure our products protect lives and property from fire has been our priority for over 120 years. However, we also put the same effort into protecting your sprinkler system from corrosion. Our corrosion monitoring devices and MIC testing help keep an eye out for corrosion, and our nitrogen generators are designed for easy installation and low maintenance while controlling corrosion in your dry pipe systems. All Potter Corrosion & Sprinkler products come with a five year warranty along with our unequaled technical support and customer service, and are proudly assembled in the USA.


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Rapidrop Global Ltd

Rapidrop Global Limited are a UK based manufacturer of fire detection and suppression equipment. Offering international sales and distribution which serves the needs of the fire service industry, Rapidrop offers clients a variety of accredited and competitive solutions for projects around the world.

You will find Rapidrop projects in locations across the United Kingdom, Europe, UAE and more. Rapidrop includes dedicated and skilled supply and engineering teams who pride themselves on providing extensive experience and knowledge to the products they provide.


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Snapdrill AS

Rethink pipe hole-cutting.

Snapdrill is the only hand-held and automatic hole-cutting tool.

Fasten the clamp, pull the trigger and let Snapdrill do the work for you. With our patented technology you’ll save time, money and improve work safety from the first cut.

How? Self-centering clamp. Automatic feed. Carbide cutting teeth. Unparalleled stability. Incredible tool life and see to believe speed.

It will change the way you work with sprinkler. Combine fabrication grade precision with field flexibility.

Say good-bye to broken wrists, pilot bits and off-center outlets. Say hello to Snapdrill.

Made in Norway


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Société Française de Reservoirs

Société Française de Reservoirs brings you the best solution for the development of your projects in fire protection, potable water, industrial and untreated water.

The company was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in south-west of France: we work all around Europe and worldwide. Bolted cylindrical steel tanks. Internal sealing with reinforced PVC liner 800g/m². Diameter from 2.34m to 17.94m and height from 1.50m to 19.00m. Galvanized steel sheets of our tanks can be powder coated or treated to suit aggressive environments. Volumes up to over 5000m3.

We design our tanks according to climatic elements such as wind, snow and seismicity, and we are FM Global Approved. Applicable Standards: APSAD, NFEN, NFPA, FM Global, VDS. From our industrial site in Vielle Saint Girons, our teams support you anywhere in the world. A 100% French manufacturing guarantee of quality.


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Victaulic® innovation began in 1919 with the first grooved-end mechanical pipe joining technology. Today, Victaulic technology includes a complete offering of certified sprinklers, couplings, fittings, valves, flexible hoses, accessories, and tools to meet the needs of any fire protection application. Avoid the risk of leaking threaded pipes and save on labour with our unique, one bolt coupling and say goodbye to incorrect sprinkler installation with our revolutionizing grooved sprinkler range. All our products are designed to minimize installation time and to mitigate labour risk and incorrect installations without compromising on quality.


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