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Duyar was founded in Istanbul in 1965. Today, Duyar is one of Turkey’s leading HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection systems manufacturing companies and Duyar products are being used in more than 85 countries. Duyar is the only European member of the International Fire Sprinkler Association. Duyar’s corporate philosophy is to bring to the market new and innovative product designs with special emphasis on quality, safety, ease of operation, simple in-line maintenance, and long service life. All this, combined with the use of high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing technology in all manufacturing stages, ensures the highest possible quality at a competitive price.

Engineered Corrosion Solutions BV

Engineered Corrosion Solutions BV is an engineering firm specializing in helping clients understand and manage risk associated with corrosion of fire sprinkler systems. Since 2003 ECS has pioneered the research of corrosion in fire sprinkler systems, leading ECS to develop and introduce patented corrosion control equipment and methods including nitrogen inerting. Corrosion in fire sprinkler systems leads to water damage, plugging problems, reduced hydraulic performance, and reduced service life. The risks associated with these issues include life safety risk, property risk, and business continuity risk. It is ECS’ commitment to define and understand the root causes of corrosion in fire sprinkler systems in order to provide products and services that significantly reduce risk for end users.

Engineered Fire Piping

FIRE PIPING is the EU leader for prefab piping for:

-FP Piping innovation. Developing own technologies for sockets welding and powder coating pipes.

-Quality & Environment: VdS and FM APPOVED and ISO 9001 and 14001.

-Production capacity: 10 ROBOTS and upgraded POWDER COATING LINE for over 5 MILLION sockets/year

-Cost effective, Fast Delivery & Engineering cutsheets and plan piping support.

We add value to top EU contractors with main benefits:

-Cost-effective (prefab+Installation+Fast delivery) and non-competition activities.

-Experience with skilled team engineering-manufacturing-logistics for fast deliveries on jobsite.

-REVIT  BIM Technical support for prefab with friendly own software.

Harrijess Ltd

Harrijess Ltd design, source and manufacture fire pump controllers according to LPC, NFPA and FM. These include; jockey pump, electric motor and diesel engine controllers along with remote alarm panels.

We also supply a full range of spare parts for the fire pump house, including; pressure transducers, mag pick ups, battery chargers, start solenoids, lamps, relays, engine instrumentation including tachometers, fuses and timers.


MECON GmbH is a German based company specializing in the manufacture of LPCB, FM and VdS approved fire pump flowmeters, hose and hydrant testers and sensor products for the fire sprinkler business.

Founded in 2002, MECON GmbH is dedicated to providing high-quality, reliable and cost effective solutions for its customers. With its wide range of products, MECON GmbH is committed to ensuring the safety and reliability of fire sprinkler systems worldwide.

Piping Logistics

Piping Logistics produces and supplies piping components for FIRE sprinkler & HVAC installations. Our Profit brand, already well known in the fire protection industry market for more than 15 years, consists of a wide range of grooved fittings, mechanical couplings and accessories combined with a growing range of valves, switches, flexible hoses and prefab sprinkler pipes. With our privileged locations in Europe and our large stock, we strive for fast deliveries directly to your construction site. Our R&D engineering department focuses on design and development of our own Profit branded products in order to make installation and life easier, but above all safer.

Reliable Fire Sprinkler (UK) Limited

Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co., Inc. is a global manufacturer and distributor of fire protection products. Reliable manufactures the highest quality and most innovative fire sprinklers, valves, and special systems on the market; distributes a full line of best-in-class system components; and backs it up with premier customer service. Reliable’s corporate headquarters is located in Elmsford, NY; manufacturing plant in Liberty, SC, and regional sales and distribution centres throughout the US and worldwide.