2023 Library

2023 Library


Please find the FSI 2023 Presentations below in PDF format. Click a file to view or right click and ‘save as’ to download.

D201 01_van Herpen_Why sprinkler protection is necessary in exposed residential construction

D201 02_Espieux_How to determine the right strategy to effectively protect mass timber buildings

D201 03_Boll&Veerman_Sprinkler Smoke spread

D201 04_de Witte_Benefits of sprinklers for a stay-in-place strategy

D201 05_O’Connell_UK experience with residential sprinklers

D201 06_Hoogeweg&Zomer_Practical issues with protection of a high-rise residential building

D201 07_van Oppen&de Bruijn_The Dutch approach to quality assurance

D201 08_Ruesink_ VdS analysis of 25-year inspections of sprinkler systems

D201 09_van Hofweegen_New insights on corrosion prevention in sprinkler and water mist systems

D201 10_Caputo_NFPA 13-2025 Proposed Updates

D201 11_Baker&Xin_Different Sprinkler Densities for Different Building Heights in Non-Storage Occupancies

D203 01_Ottesen_Sprinkler systems with fluorine-free foam – testing the limits of performance

D203 02_Barratt_How PFAS legislation will affect your foam system designs

D203 03_Visser_Application of non-fluorinated in new and existing systems for aviation, POG and large storage tank protection

D203 04_Palau_Update on CEN water mist standards

D203 05_Schipper_Watermist-building protection in accordance with EN 14972

D203 06_Makant_Applications and attributes of electronically controlled nozzles

D203 07_Gopala&Wunderlich_Roll Paper 1 Protection Requirements – Changes to FM Global Data Sheet 8-21, Roll Paper Storage

D203 08_Baker&Han_Open-Top Combustible Containers – Hazards and Protection

D203 09_ten Broeke_Cold Storage Fire Protection Solutions

D203 10_Weimann&Tegeler_Turbine Protection to FMDS 7-101_Intro

D203 11_Andrzejczyk_Fire protection of data centres

D203 11_Weimann_Turbine protection to FMDS 7-101

D203 12_Bekish_Fire Suppression Systems for High-voltage Cable Manufacturing Facility

Elicium 01_Hutchison_Update on suppression research from the Research Foundation

Elicium 02_Nieto_CE marking under the current and future Construction Products Regulation

Elicium 03_Gill_ESG What does it mean for our fire suppression industry

Elicium 04_Pettersson_Introduction to fire safety in timber buildings

Elicium 05_van Hummel_Battery power supply and energy storage for sprinkler pumps

Elicium 06_Bantock_The need for fire suppression in cultural heritage buildings – an end user view

Elicium 07_van Essen_Practical considerations around suppression systems in cultural heritage buildings

Elicium 08_Lamers_Water mist and heritage buildings – case studies from The Netherlands

Elicium 09_Sevenstern_Energy transition but safely

Elicium 10_Arvidson_BEV and ICEV fire suppression tests

Elicium 11_Kopp_Li-ion battery fire tests within SUVEREN

Elicium 12_Ebus&Weewer_A practical sprinkler procedure for the fire service

Elicium 13_Baker&Gopala_Effects of Smoke Vents on Sprinkler Performance – Investigation Through Large-Scale Testing and CFD Modeling

Elicium 14_van Lierop_How equivalent solutions created the Dutch sprinkler market

Elicium 15_Karzazi&Tegeler_Revision of EN 12845-1

Elicium 16_Witte_Remote_Testing_and_Inspection standard, with a live demonstration

Elicium 17_Montembeault_Peerless FireConnect

Elicium 18_Gjerstrup_Sprinklerview

Elicium 19_Mueller_IFSA and its mission to globally develop the water-based fire suppression market

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