FSI 22 Presentations

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Arvidson_Sprinkler system for maritime vehicle carriers.pdf

Baker_9 Sprinkler ESFR design concept.pdf

Baker&Wolin_Protecting ASRS using the latest guidance in FMDS 8-34.pdf

Barratt_Challenges of synthetic fluorine free foam in sprinkler systems.pdf

Bird & Hoogeweg_Quality assurance with water mist systems.pdf

Bird_Progress with European sprinkler pump standards.pdf

Coppola_Water mist cultural heritage case study – Museum Leonardo da Vinci Milan.pdf

Ditch_Latest research learning on emerging risks.pdf

Engelhardt_CE marking through the EOTA route.pdf

Fleming & Sincaglia_State of the global industry and sprinkler advocacy.pdf

Garcia_Water mist in high-rise buildings – how to meet codes and standards requirements.pdf

Gill_Corrosion protection with polymer-enhanced pipe.pdf

Haraldseid_Fire protection and manual firefighting for the AutoStore system.pdf

Hebenstreit_UL requirements for antifreeze solutions for us in fire sprinkler systems.pdf

Hjorth_NFPA 13 update.pdf

Howe_An insuer’s view of successful water mist applications.pdf

Johansson_Testing and field experience with fixed firefighting systems for road tunnels.pdf

Joyeux_French guidance on the use of sprinklers to protect wooden apartment buildings.pdf

Karzazi_Revision of EN 12845.pdf

Kibler_Fast connection system for sprinklers.pdf

Kidd_25 year testing in a heritage building.pdf

Kimbal_Update on suppressions research from the Research Foundation.pdf

Kooijmans_Sprinkler Integrity Test and First Responder Sprinkler.pdf

Kopp_Cultural heritage protection with water mist.pdf

Leonard_Mitigation of labour risks through manufacturer involvement.pdf

Lloyd_Too tall, too dense.pdf

Lochet_Protection of global composite intermediate bulk containers.pdf

Macpherson _FM Data Sheet changes.pdf

Makant_Innovative suppression – implications for the industry.pdf

Nikola_Hydrogen in sprinkler systems – experiences from a field study.pdf

Ouammou_Protection of waste recycling centres.pdf

Palau_An optimised sprinkler system for car parks.pdf

Palau_An update on CEN water mist standards.pdf

Parker_Lessons Learned From Residential Retrofits.pdf

Peltzer_Regulatory restrictions on foam concentrates and lessons from the research on alternatives.pdf

Roche_Fire incident data – a data rich world.pdf

Suwalska_Sprinkler systems to protect the world’s largest particle physics installations.pdf

ten Broeke_Automatic supervision and testing of sprinkler systems.pdf

Tofilo – Protection of glass fa├žades with sprinklers.pdf

van Herpen_Sprinkler protection as a boundary condition for a stay in place concept.pdf

van Lierop_Measures to reduce the environmental impact of sprinkler systems.pdf

XIN_Smart sprinkler systems to save water.pdf

Zimmermann_In-rack sprinkler protection of shuttle systems.pdf